Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic procedure that is made to improve the look of one’s teeth. It’s a combination of various dental treatments like teeth whitening, stain removal and fixing each tooth’s shape & look in order to create the perfect hollywood smile.

The name comes from Hollywood Actors & Actresses with perfectly shaped and bleached teeth. This procedure has been around for quite some time and now offers even safer and better results thanks to today’s technology.

Each patient goes through different treatments for an impeccable smile, because every facial anatomy is different and every patient has different needs: asymmetric looks and missing teeth are fixed, tooth decay and gum diseases are treated, teeth are cleaned, whitened, laminated and so on. The patients can also choose one of the significant smile types to fit their overall character & look.

Who Can Have The Hollywood Smile?

All patients without any health problems that may get in the way of this treatment, can have Hollywood Smile. A patient can know if they’re suitable for this treatment by the examination of a dentist.

The dental shapes & positions are analyzed and all the tissue in the mouth is inspected. The decision is made by the dentist to move on with Hollywood Smile.

If the patient needs other treatments first, then those are recommended before. The goal of every dentist is to improve the dental health as much as to give the patients the perfect smile.

What Are The Hollywood Smile Types?

There are three common smile types that most people pick to improve their smiles for a specific look. These are conducted to match the patients needs, personality and overall look.

Sexy Smile: A cosmetic dental treatment that can be done at any age. This treatment focuses on improving the smile for an attractive and young look. This is a rather painless procedure most people choose to improve their confidence through a healthy and attractive smile.

Sophisticated Smile: A dental treatment that gives the patient a wise and intellectual look. All teeth are perfectly aligned to bring the focus to the lower part of the patient’s face. 

Sporty Smile: The most popular treatment among these three. It’s a combination of both smiles mentioned above to give the patient an intellectual yet warm, attractive but not ordinary look.

The Advantages of Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic procedure. It may prevent further tooth decay and gum disease. It gives the patient a celebrity-like smile that helps with confidence in social situations.

Almost all patients give positive feedback after having this procedure. They underline how improved their facial expressions are and how much more attention they have received since the treatment. So it wouldn’t be false to say Hollywood Smile has a very high patient satisfaction and success rate. 

Is the Hollywood Smile Permanent?

One of the most asked questions about Hollywood Smile is if it permanently improves how your smile looks. This depends on the individuals. Patients need to take care of their dental hygiene at all times and visit a dentist regularly. In this case, the smile lasts. Otherwise, additional treatments may be needed.

Things To Consider While Designing The Perfect Smile

The dentist should take into consideration the patient’s facial anatomy. The smile shouldn’t be too big or too small for the face. The shape of the smile is also important while designing. The patients shouldn’t look as if they’re frowning or mocking with an improper smile.

Teeth should be visible enough and shouldn’t be covered by the lips or cheeks. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to a very individual procedure like Hollywood Smile.

Are Dental Veneers A Must For The Perfect Smile?

Dental Veneers are very common and they’re included in Hollywood Smile treatments to give the patient a brighter, whiter and straight teeth. However, they are not mandatory. If a patient has good enough teeth that can turn into a perfect smile with spot cleans and whitening, dental veneers do not have to be used.

How Is Chin Deviation Fixed?

Chin deviation comes on the top of the list that needs fixing for a symmetric smile. If the patient has serious problems, the appropriate orthodontic treatment. This treatment might take some time, depending on the patient’s situation. Therefore, Hollywood Smile can only be done, after the irregularities are fixed.

Hollywood Smile Prices Turkey 2023

Hollywood Smile can not have a fixed price because of how individual and specific the treatment is. The treatment plan is made according to the patient’s needs, time and budget.

However, Turkey has been welcoming patients for dental treatments from all over the world for such a long time. The prices are rather affordable considering almost all European countries and The United States.

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