tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is a rather unpleasant procedure to cure or prevent tooth decay. It has to be done by a dentist. Tooth extraction includes removing all parts of the tooth that gives the patient pain.

Reasons Of Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons for tooth extraction. This procedure can be done to help tooth pain, cure an infection or to open a tooth canal. Another common reason for tooth extraction is to prevent further damage and possible infections. 

How Is Tooth Extraction Performed?

This is the most common question among patients. A tooth removal isn’t always easy and light. In most cases a separate tool (forceps) to remove the toot. This can be compelling for other teeth, gum & bone tissue. The best method is chosen and applied by the dentist, according to the patient’s specific problem.

When Is A Tooth Extraction Needed?

A tooth extraction is inevitable if the tooth can not be recovered with other treatments. It may be required if the tooth has decay, if the mouth can not contain all the teeth the person has or if a tooth is infected. Primary teeth can also be extracted if it blocks other teeth.

Preparation Before Tooth Removal

The preparation is rather quick & simple. First, the dentist checks the tooth and an X-ray is taken to locate the root, tooth size and angle. First, local anesthesia is applied and then the tooth is extracted when the area is numbed.

Main Reasons of Tooth Extraction: These are the most common reasons for tooth extraction. However it is up to the dentist to decide if the patient needs this treatment.

-Bad dental hygiene

-Infections & inflammations

-Decreased dental health due to malnutrition

-Tooth decay

-Tumors in jaw bones

The Post-Operative Healing

It is totally normal to feel pain after the operation. If needed, the dentist can prescribe a painkiller. Patients should avoid extreme temperatures in food and beverages. If bleeding occurs or the pain is intolerable, patients should contact the dentist. Patients should follow the instructions of the dentist and be gentle with the operated area. Avoid smoking for 2 days after the operation. 

Does Tooth Extraction Require Strength? Is There A Difference Between Male & Female Dentists?

Tooth extraction requires knowledge and experience. The tools that are used in this procedure apply the needed pressure, therefore it doesn’t make a difference if the dentist is male or female.

Why Do Some Teeth Break During Extraction?

There can be various reasons for breaking. If the jaw bones are too thick or if the elasticity is lost, the tooth can break during removal. Also if it has multiple/separate roots it can also break. Lastly, if the tooth itself is weakened due to damage, it is prone to break.

What Can Be Done To Overcome Tooth Removal Fear?

Dental operations are very common fears. Most patients do not feel the post-op pain, but are afraid of the experience itself. Here are some tips to overcome this fear:

-Ask your dentist if they have experience with patients that fear such operations.

-Make your own research on tooth removal and get more information about the methods.

-If there is a painkiller that helps you get rid of the pain, ask the dentist to prescribe it once you visit the office for the operation.

What Should Be Done Prior To The Operation?

You should inform your dentist about the regular medications you take, your chronic illnesses or allergies. Your dentist may ask to take a break from some of that medicine before the operation. Go to the operation with clean teeth.

Why Is A Tooth Extraction Needed?

A tooth extraction is needed due to gum disease, advanced tooth decay and in the stages where the tooth cannot be saved with root canal treatments.

Is Tooth Extraction Painful?

Tooth extraction is not painful because local anesthesia is applied to the area beforehand. Once the area is numbed enough, the procedure begins. It is normal to feel pain after the operation and the dentist may prescribe painkillers if needed.

Do I Swell After Tooth Extraction?

Swelling is a common side effect of this procedure. It’s not serious but it can be uncomfortable. It’s a temporary side effect and it can be reduced with appropriate care.

Tooth Extraction Prices 2023

Tooth extraction prices depend on different factors. These are; the clinic, the operating dentist and the number of teeth. Tooth extractions are rather affordable in Turkey.

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