Hollywood Smile Turkey has been getting more and more popular with people in the last five years. Now, many people want to have the smiles of the celebrities that adorn their dreams. A Hollywood Smile represents teeth that are extremely well-aligned and glowing white. People are free to choose the whiteness of teeth they want by looking at the shade guide provided to them.

What is the procedure for getting a Hollywood smile?

First of all, we check your teeth and the closure of your teeth to evaluate whether you are suitable for the Hollywood Smile procedure. With years of experience, it is possible to carry out this analysis in a short time.

It is very important for us to choose the treatment that will be most suitable for you. That’s why we perform a trial smile application before starting the treatment.

Hollywood Smile – Aleks Bogdanska

We prepare your teeth to leave a minimum of tooth tissue and make your teeth suitable for porcelain veneers. Until your permanent porcelain veneers are ready, we place your temporary veneers on your teeth in order not to leave you aesthetically uncomfortable. Your teeth have already been molded and sent to the production area for the production of your permanent veneers.

Thanks to the molds sent to the laboratory before, your porcelain veneers are produced and attached to your teeth. It is used as a high-strength resin cement coating joint. Thanks to the chemical bonds in its content, it provides a very strong bond between the tooth and the coating. This will enable our patients to use their teeth with the same strength and quality for many years.

How many teeth need a Hollywood smile makeover?

While many people prefer to have 6 or 8 upper and lower teeth veneers, some people prefer to have only 6 or 8 upper teeth veneered. In addition, a small number of people prefer to have their 4 lower and / or upper teeth covered. However, this number causes the smile design to be incomplete and you have an incomplete smile design.

In our clinic, the most suitable number of teeth is determined for you and suitable offers are presented. However, if you have a veneer less than this number, we aim to give you a dental cleaning as a gift for your rest of the teeth, and to bring your remaining teeth to a cleaning level close to the veneer you have chosen.

Does a Hollywood smile need any maintenance?

Soft Guard for your teeth

As New Look Guide Clinic, we recommend our patients who have had Hollywood Smile treatment to use dental floss every day, brush their teeth at least twice a day and have their teeth cleaned every 6 months. In addition, it will be useful to go to your dentist once a year to check whether your dental veneers are healthy. In order for your porcelain veneers to be long-lasting, we recommend that you stay away from hard and sticky foods and consume them in different ways. In addition, the use of soft guard will also be beneficial for the longevity of your porcelain veneers.

Are there any risks with having a Hollywood smile?

In general, although porcelain veneers are produced very solidly, they can sometimes break, change colors or separate. In addition, it is normal to experience sensitivity in the teeth in the first weeks of the procedure.

Are there any alternatives to a Hollywood smile?

If there is a congenital problem in the alignment of your teeth, it is possible to choose some orthodentic treatments to straighten your teeth and redesign your smile. These are long-term treatments and require monthly check-ups until your treatment is complete. In addition, composite bonding can be a shorter-term solution that will improve your smile without cutting your teeth.

How Can A Hollywood Smile Impact Your Social Life and Career?

Since the most important point of the Hollywood Smile application is to have a better smile, it is one of the treatments that our patients are most interested in, especially in terms of increasing self-confidence. The person whose self-confidence increases will be more willing to participate in social environments. This means being in new environments and meeting new people. In addition, the beauty of your smile during a job interview will allow you to be more presentable and to receive positive feedback from your interviews.

A nice smile in working life will change your future

For a working person, a more confident smile also means future promotions.

In social and business life, a nice smile is very important for a good first impression. It is an opportunity to show how warm and sincere you are. This will have a good effect on people.

What Is The Difference Between Hollywood Smile And Veneers?

The Hollywood smile is a smile design that can contain many combinations at the same time. These may include various dental treatments such as dental implants, crowns or veneers. Since veneers are often used in this application, Hollywood Smile is thought to be a kind of veneer application. In fact, skins represent one of the steps in the Hollywood Smile.

How Much Does A Hollywood Smile Cost In Turkey?

In recent years, Turkey continues to gain worldwide fame in surgery and dentistry. Compared to other countries, affordable prices are in question, while quality is never compromised. It is possible to find products and services of various qualities at different prices. Your focus should not be on the cheapest price, but on whether you can get the best quality at affordable prices compared to your country. Dentistry faculties in Turkey train high quality dentists by providing high level education. As a matter of fact, dentists can offer both good quality products and good service to guests from abroad.

The table below can give you an idea of the average prices.

Gum Contouring€ 400 – € 600 per jaw
Bleaching€ 200 – € 350 per jaw
Crowns€ 300 – € 500 per tooth
Veneers€ 350 – € 600 per tooth
Implants€ 650 – € 1250 per tooth
Average costs of Dental Treatments

Does Everyone in Hollywood Have Veneers?

It is possible to have the Hollywood Smile application without porcelain veneer. Since porcelain veneers are only one step of this application, some celebrities with very smooth teeth can have a beautiful smile design by having some applications other than this application. These are teeth whitening, soft guard, implants, crowns etc.

Hollywood Smile

Is Hollywood Smile Painful?

your dentist applies local anesthesia to you and you do not feel pain

You may have different needs while making your smile design. Different needs mean different applications. During the procedures, your dentist applies local anesthesia to you and you do not feel pain. However, depending on the type of application, you may have pain for a few days after the treatment. This situation can be easily relieved with simple painkillers.