Neck Lift is a surgical operation that is performed to remove the excess skin and fat around the jawline and neck to give them a more refreshed and youthful look. Neck lift, generally the muscles and other tissues are tightened and lifted up. The incisions are made close to the hairline, which helps tighten the area.

The loose skin and fat are taken out with a small incision during this operation. The muscle tissue is also reshaped. As these incisions are minimal, patients do not have to worry about scarring later on.

Who Is Suitable For a Neck Lift?

Anyone that has signs of sagging due to old age can have a neck lift. Generally, this procedure is recommended for patients 40 or older. The patient explains their desires and the doctor makes an operation plan accordingly. 

Things To Consider Before Operation

For better results and easier recovery, it’s best to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. Patients should avoid smoking 3 weeks prior to the operation and inform the doctor about the medications they regularly take – the doctor might ask them to quit some of them.

Post Operation & Recovery

Usually, the patients can go back to their homes/hotels after the operation but in some cases, they might need to spend just one night in the clinic. Bruising and swelling are expected side effects of a neck lift. The doctor might suggest getting a neck massage to get rid of the edema.

It’s best to keep the operated area dry, therefore showers can be taken a few days later. Just like in most plastic surgeries, there is also the possibility of infection or numbness after a neck lift. The doctor checks up on the patient on the following days and interferes if the patient shows other symptoms like bleeding.

Neck lift has an easy recovery and patients are expected to fully recover in 1-2 weeks. An elastic bandage is used to keep the jaw & necklines in place, which also helps to reduce the swelling.

Is Anesthesia Required For A Neck Lift?

Yes; either general anesthesia or sedation is applied before the operation so the patient can relax and not feel any pain while the doctor can operate easier.

How Long Does A Neck Lift Take?

The duration of a neck lift depends on the number of procedures and planning but it’s safe to say that a neck lift takes roughly 2-3 hours.

Is It Better To Have A Neck Lift & Face Lift At The Same Time?

Both procedures focus on different areas: A neck lift helps with getting rid of loose and sagging skin around the jawline and neckline while a facelift focuses on wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth. For an overall youthful look, these two procedures can be performed at the same time.

Are The Results Of Neck Lift Permanent?

As the body grows old, the skin loosens however it doesn’t go back to the stage prior to operation.

Neck Lift Turkey Prices 2022

Neck lift prices depend on a few things: the technique & which procedures are applied during the operation. Also, in all plastic surgeries, the clinic & expertise of the doctor are also the factors that are being considered for pricing. 

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