We all want to get rid of our health problems in the best quality and at the most affordable price, in the closest distance to our home. However, in today’s conditions, it has become very difficult to meet this demand. If we find a health institution close to our home, we cannot find quality service. If we find quality service, we buy it dearly. All this aside, we cannot get this service even when we want it. When the conditions were like this, people started to look for alternative ways to get quality service at an affordable price and when they wanted.

Now everyone knows that traveling to different countries and getting health care economically is a solution. But the question is, which clinic is really reliable? Which doctor specializes in his job? Is your accommodation really safe? Will the driver take you where you want?

This is exactly where the New Look Guide will come to your aid. Leave all these questions aside and enjoy getting the service you request under the best conditions. New Look Guide will take your case from the very beginning and will continue to be with you until the very last step. So how?

Personal Health Consultant 

In the New Look Guide, each inquiry is followed by an individual healthcare consultant. They will walk with you on this new adventure you will embark on. We will be with you in all processes from medical consultation to doctor selection. Our job is to provide the right option for you at the best price. They work professionally with an amateur spirit. You will be comfortable as if you are meeting with a member of your family and you will get answers to all your questions. This will prepare you for the process in the best way possible.

Medical Neutrality

As New Look Guide, we only work for clinics that have proven themselves in their fields. We guarantee the reliability of all the clinics we choose and we will provide medical impartiality in all the clinics we work with and that we will always be by your side.

All-inclusive package treatments

As New Look Guide, we plan all stages of your travel in the packages we create and include all costs in our packages. You will not encounter any hidden or surprise prices other than our package prices. All your expenses within the scope of the package during your travel will be under the guarantee of the New Look Guide. Once you are ready, you will receive an offer about our package with the most suitable content for you. This offer will contain all the details and pricing of the offer to be submitted for you.

Best price guarantee!

As New Look Guide, we get the best prices from the clinics and we assure you that you will not find the same service at a better price anywhere else. If so, please send the official offer of the company, we are ready to offer you the same price.

New Look Guide VIP Service

As New Look Guide, we receive service only for surgical operations from the clinics we work with. Apart from that, you will see New Look Guide services with you at all stages of your journey. Your hotel and transfer services are fully organized by New Look Guide Teams. Thanks to our “NLG-HealthGo™” system, both your hotel and transfer services will always be under our control and follow-up.

Personal Travel Partner

We are not only a digital platform but also a team that will be with you throughout the operation. As you step into a new life, your travel partner will be with you in your native language from the moment you get off your plane. You will not need to contact anyone other than your travel partner, who will accompany you during the operation, with all your questions and concerns. Our guests are valuable to us. You can be sure that we will not leave you alone on this journey. There will never be a detail about your process that you need to think about. We will handle it all.

Important Note

New Look Guide does not and will not charge any fees for this service in the future.

A Little Hint 🙂
After all that effort, all the New Look Guide team wants to see is your appreciation.

Cabin Crew Cross-Check!

Everything is ready. You are very close to the flight. New Look Guide will not leave you alone at this stage either. So what to expect at this stage?

  • All reminders about your trip will be sent a couple of days before your trip
  • The details you need to know about before and during the operation processes will be presented to you in a folder.
  • Thanks to our “NLG-HealthGo™” system, both your hotel and transfer services will always be under our control and follow-up.
  • Thanks to our “NLG-HealthGo™” system, a great “stress-free” flight
  • Thanks to our “NLG-HealthGo™” system, a great “stress-free” VIP transfer service

Operation Day!

Maybe you planned this trip months before and made your reservation. That day is today. Now is your first day of getting your treatment and starting a new life. At this stage, New Look Guide will not leave you alone too. What to expect at this stage?
“A Personal Travel Partner”

You are not alone in the clinic, New Look Guide will be with you throughout the whole process. Everything is under our supervision and control.
All your communication with the team and the Doctor will be provided by her/him.
All information about the operation will be transmitted to us simultaneously thanks to your “Personal Travel Partner” She/He will listen to your requests and convey them to the relevant people.
Something happened and you wanted to contact us? Don’t worry, your personal travel partner will do this for you.

What about your responsibility?

You just sit back and focus on making your process the most comfortable. We will always be with you.

Second Round! Post-Op Follow-up!

While 50% of the success in Aesthetic Operations is related to the surgery, the other half of the success is possible with a successful post-op process. Therefore, New Look Guide will not leave you alone in this process. Getting rid of us is not so easy.

  • We will follow your case for 12 months
  • Ask for your photos at certain periods
  • Your photos will be evaluated by the “NLG-Medical team
  • According to the photos, we will suggest additional treatments if necessary.

We started this journey together and we will complete it together. We will both be happy with the success at the end of the road.

Here’s what you need to do to start your new life, it’s that simple. It’s much simpler with New Look Guide. Come on, take the first step!