Breast Reduction is the operation of reducing the size of breasts. The purpose of this operation is to give the overweight and obese patients the appropriate size of breasts to better their body proportion. In breast reduction operations, basically, the fat tissue around the breast is cut and taken out.

How Is A Breast Reduction Operation Performed?

This operation is performed under general anesthesia. Minimal incisions are cut and the extra fat tissue is taken out. As a result, the breast becomes smaller. The technique that will be used for the operation will be decided considering the patient’s current situation and her expectations. There are three major techniques used for this operation: Inverted T, Lejour, and Graft.

  • Inverted T Method: One of the most common methods. The areola is cut through the curve of the breast. The incision looks like a line against the breast curve, therefore the method gets the name from this shape. The necessary amount of breast and fat tissue are taken out, the areola is lifted and the incision is then stitched to finish the procedure.
  • Lejour Method: A popular method for the patients that need more fat taken out. It’s also known as the lollipop method. It’s a similar method to Inverted T, however, in this method, an L-shaped incision is made under the breast so more fat can be extracted.
  • Graft Method: Common for treating sagging due to older age, diabetes, and obesity. It’s a quicker method compared to the previous two. An incision is made around the areola, then the necessary amount of breast tissue and fat is taken out.

Before Breast Reduction…

There are a few things that should be taken into consideration before a breast reduction. The expert doctor has to plan ahead and take all the necessary measurements. The doctor should also draw the guiding lines for the operation. The patients are told what to do and what to avoid before the operation. It’s also important that the patients inform the doctor if they take any regular medicine.

Things To Consider After Breast Reduction

Patients should carefully follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation. They should avoid heavy exercise and sleep only on their backs for a while. Also, a compression bra should be worn, until the doctor allows using regular bras.

Does Breast Reduction Leave A Permanent Mark?

There won’t be any visible marks after the operation. Since the incisions are made under the breasts, they won’t be visible. The marks heal with the rest of the body. Some doctors might suggest applying gel/cream to reduce the marks as well.

How Is The Healing Process After Breast Reduction?

The first signs of the healing show within the first 2-3 weeks after the operation. It’s normal to feel slight pain after the operation. Patients can use the prescribed medications to treat this pain. It’s best to respect the body’s healing time and avoid heavy work for a while.

Are There Any Risks Of Breast Reductions?

There are some risks in every operation, which are expected. In breast reduction, there might be a problem with milk ducts and as a result; breastfeeding. There are also the possibilities of indications and numbness around the areola. However, the operation doesn’t have major side effects, therefore patients choose to have it.

Does Breast Reduction Cause Cancer?

Although patients may hear a lot of rumors regarding this matter, there is no correlation between cancer and breast reduction. It’s a safe aesthetic operation.

Breast Reduction Turkey Prices 2022

One of the frequently asked questions about this operation is its price. The accurate quotation can only be taken from the medical center. The price depends on various factors such as the operation method, the doctor, the medical team, and the hospital.

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