causes of failure in fue hair transplant

Causes Of Failure In FUE Hair Transplant

Yes, we know. This is the side people don’t want to walk about. However, just like everything in life, sometimes hair transplant operations fail as well. There can be many different causes of failure in this operation. As New Look Guide, our goal is to always minimize this possibility. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the major causes of failure in hair transplant.

What Can Be Considered As A Failed FUE Transplant?

A fail can be considered not having the desired look after 1 year of transplant. This can be about not having enough density, having bald patches or problems regarding the naturalness of the final look. They can all be considered a failure if they make the patient unhappy. However, one person cannot be to blame for all faults in the result.

Clinic Related Hair Transplant Failures

Some of these failures mentioned above rely on the operation day; therefore the clinic and the doctor. The hair follicles can be damaged if they are not collected carefully and stay outside for too long.

Also, not collecting enough hair follicles or collecting more than enough follicles may conclude in failures in overall look. However, with New Look Guide, we are decreasing the possibilities of such troubles as we carefully inspect our partners before choosing to work with them.

Patient Related Hair Transplant Failures

There are also hair transplant failures caused by the patients themselves. Postoperative care is almost as important as the hair transplant operation itself. Therefore if the patient doesn’t follow the doctor’s advice on exercise, sleep, hair wash and other treatments, he/she may not have the desired look after one-year mark.

As New Look Guide, we always check up on our patients regularly to remind them of such aftercare “tasks” they need to do for taking care of their bodies and newly transplanted hair.

Being fully aware of the importance of hair transplant operations, our main objective is to make our patient happy throughout the process. Our partners (both doctors and institutions) are carefully selected. The New Look Guide representatives will always be a phone call away to answer all your questions prior, during and after the operation.