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IVF and fertility, ın Vitro fertilization is the process of combining egg cells and sperm cells in a laboratory environment. In short, this procedure is called ıvf and fertility is abbreviated as “In Vitro Fertilization”. It means combining egg and sperm in the laboratory environment.

This procedure, which requires expertise, is the most ideal procedure for couples who cannot have children by normal means. Before starting this process, it should be clarified that couples cannot have children by trying different ways, and only after this determination they should turn to have a child with the IVF method. In this regard, it is very important to guide the couples well and to inform them about the subject.

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The Steps of IVF

As we mentioned in our article above, in the IVF process, the eggs collected from the woman and the sperm collected from the man are brought together in the laboratory and fertilized.

Thanks to this fertilization carried out in a laboratory environment, the egg and sperm combination, which will pass into the embryo period with divisions, will be placed in the mother’s womb. After this stage is realized, pregnancy will begin to exist in the uterus of the woman and there will be a no different process from the normal pregnancy process.

In the absence of male infertility, the above steps are sufficient for IVF treatment. However, in the case of male infertility, the vaccination method will be applied.

Who are suitable candidates for IVF treatment?

If there is no pregnancy in more than 1 year without using any treatment method, it would be beneficial to apply to an IVF center and discuss the necessary examination and treatment methods.

Which factors affect the success rates of IVF treatment?

  • Ages of partners
  • Overweight
  • Quality of sperm
  • Sperm count and sperm retention rates
  • Status of egg reserves
  • Certain immune system issues
  • Infertility
  • Problems in the fallopian and uterine tubes
  • The presence of myopia, polyps, adhesions, and endometriosis prevents it from being retained in the uterus.
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol Use
  • Stress, depression, unbalanced and irregular diet

What about the success rates in IVF treatment?

Especially the criteria mentioned above; the age of the woman, previous operations, number of attempts, and causes of infertility are among the factors affecting success. While the average success rate is around 30-40%, the rates decrease as the age of the woman gets older, and the success rate increases as the woman get younger.

What are the fees for IVF treatment in Turkey?

Clinic quality, doctor reputation, technology, and technique can change prices in IVF treatment, which varies between 3000 € and 4000 € in Turkey.

Why should I choose Turkey for IVF?

Having IVF treatment is quite common in Turkey, which is one of the first countries that come to mind when health tourism is mentioned. Physicians have a high level of competence and medical expertise in this regard. Advances in IVF treatment in the last 15 years have enabled physicians in Turkey to increase their expertise in this area.

For IVF treatment, couples frequently come to Turkey and especially to Istanbul from America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Gulf Region, and Africa Region. Turkey, which has been successful in many areas of health tourism, also hosts its valuable patients in IVF treatment.

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