What Can Be Considered The Best Hair Transplant?

It may come as a surprise, but the success of a hair transplant operation doesn’t rely on the clinic or the amount of money spent as much as you think it would. The best hair transplant operation is simply the one that makes the patient happy.

As a patient-oriented agency, our number one priority is the satisfaction of our patients without depending on their budget. Therefore we work with utmost caution to provide the best hair loss treatments to our patients with our criteria.

#1 The Hair Transplant Must Look Natural

It doesn’t necessarily mean full head coverage. A newly performed hair transplant procedure should look like the patient just regrew his hair (same texture, same density). The front hairline should be similar to what the patient had before the hair loss.

Here the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon will be a very big factor. The doctor should carefully examine the patient’s hair direction and remake the incisions accordingly.

Sometimes patients want a fuller look than what they used to have, but again, this will result in disappointment and an unnatural image. That’s why it is essential to trust the doctor and the team who works on the transplant. This is where New Look Guide comes in, as we carefully select each doctor by reviewing their previous hair transplants and how natural the results look.

#2 The Hair Transplant Should Be A Final Solution

This is one of the most important points about hair transplantation. Do you really need a hair transplant? Many institutions that you will apply to can direct you to hair transplantation even if you do not need it.

In this case, advancing in the company of experts is among the factors that will prevent you from taking the wrong path. In male pattern hair loss, first the hair becomes thinner and the scalp is clearly revealed, but this will not be enough for you to be transplanted. As medical ethics, our primary duty is to save every living cell, and to replace something that is lost with a new one.

As New Look Guide, we guarantee you that we will show you the right way for every request that we think you do not need, and we will ensure that you leave our institution satisfied. All the doctors we have chosen work within this ethical framework and are there for your happiness.

#3 The Correct Amount Of Hair Follicles Should Be Transplanted

We’ve mentioned this above; this step is crucial to have natural and healthy hair. If the doctor solely focuses on your frontal part and extracts too many hair grafts from the donor area, the back will remain bald and look patchy. The doctor should consider the approximate number of hair grafts that can be collected.

Therefore, it can be a lot easier to give an idea of what the patient will look like after the operation. Also, he should be clear about the patient’s needs: like a second transplant.

In a hair transplant operation that will be performed without damaging the donor area, when full coverage is possible with very high numbers, the hair transplant operation should be divided into multiple sessions. The patient can visit our doctors for the second session after a period of rest and treatment between 9 months and 1 year.

#4 The Pre & Post Operation Has To Be Delicate

A hair transplant operation isn’t just about the time spent in the operation room. The preparation stages before the operation and the follow-up process after the operation are also the most important elements of a successful and happy hair transplant process.

Clinic staff’s interactions with the patient, daily / monthly check – ups, a good direction before the surgery will bring a comfortable sleep a night before the hair transplant operation.

It is possible to achieve this only with years of experience. As New Look Guide we care for our patients like family and handle all small details that make the experience much smoother.