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A Step By Step Guide To Hair Transplant

A Step By Step Guide To Hair Transplant; We hope this article pops up within the first few results you find while searching “hair transplant” on various search engines. Why? Because we believe this article holds the key information regarding hair transplant, without getting into further detail. Along these lines we’ll be explaining a hair transplant procedure, step by step.

First Things First: What Is Hair Transplant?

Basically, it’s a permanent operation to change how the hair looks by extracting hair follicles from the back of the head (as known as the donor area) and planting them on the frontal hairline, the crown part or wherever there is visible hair loss.

Any patient who is older than 18 can have this procedure if they medically qualify. Hair loss due to old age, stress or genetics can be treated with a hair transplant operation.

This operation has to be done in a hospital environment where tools and surfaces are regularly sanitized, by the surgeons who are specialized in this field. 

Before The Operation Begins…

Before any incision, or even anesthesia, the first thing that needs to be determined is the hairline. The hairline has to be decided within the patient’s desires and the medical possibilities. It should be created according to the patient’s age, hair type, colour and genetic structure of his hair.

The line should look natural, just as the patient has regained the lost hair, so the patient shouldn’t expect to look like a different person after a hair transplant operation. 

With years of expertise of our selected surgeons, we make sure the patients’ needs are met and the operation begins with a relaxed mind & body.

Collecting Hair Grafts One By One

The donor area is numbed with local anesthesia and then it’s time for surgeons to collect the hair grafts. They use an FUE micromotor, which helps to take out the individual grafts with minimal scarring while keeping the tissue alive.

The necessary amount of hair grafts are collected, counted and put aside to be prepared for transplant in the next hours.

Again in this part, the expertise of the surgeons are highly important as every single hair graft has value in hair transplant.

The Opening Of Canals

The hair transplant operation moved forward with the next step: Opening the canals on the bald areas to get them ready for transplant. After the hair grafts are counted, the patient turns to lay on the back and the same number of canals are opened.

This procedure needs high concentration as the closeness of each canal will determine the place and growth direction of the transplanted hair. In this step, surgeons will make a great effort to open these canals as soon as possible while considering the number of hair grafts to make sure the patient has the most natural and full look possible.

At Last: The Transplantation

The hair grafts that are taken out earlier in the day, are then transplanted into the opened canals. This procedure may take a few hours, depending on the number of hair grafts. When all the grafts are placed in, all areas are sanitized and cleaned off.

The donor area is securely bandaged as it is very delicate. The operated area remains open and breathes. However, from this point, patients should be very careful not to touch and contact anything in that area. The aftercare recommendations & medications are also provided by the surgical team / representatives and finally patients can go to their selected hotels for a rest. 

As New Look Guide, we’re happy to accompany you along the way for a better experience in every aspect of your journey. We’re happy to connect you with the most skilled & experienced surgeons in the industry to make sure you have the best results.