5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Hair Transplant Clinic

Congratulations! You decided to have a hair transplant: a truly life-changing operation. There are a lot of details to consider before choosing the right clinic and doctor for this procedure. Let us get a little deeper into which boxes a clinic/doctor has to check before bringing you on board. 

Research The Doctor

The most important criterion to consider is the doctor who will lead the operation. Check if the doctor has the qualifications, medical education, experience and enough training to perform this operation.

It is also crucial to consider the number of other people who will have hair transplant operations on the same day as you. Remember, a hair transplant operation takes approximately 7-8 hours. The doctor can not be present in your operating room most of the time if he sees 9-10 patients in one day.

Considering all of the facts above, New Look Guide chooses doctors and hair transplant specialists that work in a boutique understanding. New Look Guide inspects and scores them according to their abilities, to help you when it’s time to make a decision. Therefore, you’ll only need to visit one platform to compare the carefully chosen doctors. The rest will be taken care of the New Look Guide team 🙂 

How Is The Clinic Environment?

Doctors can perform hair transplant operations only in hospitals or medical clinics. A hair transplant procedure requires local anesthesia procedure. Therefore, an anesthesia technician has to be present at the clinic for monitoring the patient’s vitals. A hair transplant surgeon also has to be present at the clinic to supervise the hair transplant operation.

Please remember; beauty centres are not registered clinics. Many beauty centres operate the hair transplant surgery in illegal conditions. So it’s critical to choose a hair transplant clinic in Turkey that can legally perform hair transplant operations. 

As New Look Guide, with on-site inspections we make sure that every clinic we work with performs this operation in the hospital environment or in hair transplant clinics. After seeing the eligibility documents, we add them to our list on our website.

Review The Work

Before fully booking your operation, ask for a few before & after comparison photos from the previous patients. No words can explain the quality of a doctor’s work than the photos of patients they have treated. It’s even better if you can see the shots of patients that had similar looks to yours before their operation. So you can slightly imagine how you will look after a hair transplant.

Patient Satisfaction

A lot can affect the overall satisfaction of patients: Clinic staff’s behaviour, the general cleanliness of the clinic, the doctor’s attendance. Even the food and beverage can decide if a patient walks out with a smiley face. Therefore it’s essential to read some patient reviews on the whole experience.

What If You Are Not Happy With The Result?

Maybe you were expecting a fuller look and you feel unhappy with your hair transplant. Does the doctor offer another consultation and provide solutions to your concern?

Can they perform another transplant to give you the best look possible? These are all crucial details to discuss before committing your time, money and energy to a hair transplant operation.

Thankfully you’ll have New Look Guide by your side to ask all of these questions beforehand to guarantee you’ll have the smoothest experience possible.