hair transplant on afro hair

Hair Transplant On Afro Hair

Hair Transplant On Afro Hair, hair type has a great influence on the results of a hair transplant operation; both in extraction and transplanting. It is harder to extract curly hair grafts in both methods (FUE and FUT).

The reason is that the curl under the skin is not visible with a straight cutter, therefore curly hair grafts need extra caution while extracting to not cause any damage. Therefore, it is advised that only experienced teams should work with hair transplant on afro hair for the necessary amount of hair grafts to be taken out from the donor area.

It’s more beneficial to remove the hair grafts that have shorter and closer roots -to the surface of the skin- rather than “digging” for long hair grafts. Hair transplant operations on afro hair are 100% possible with the right team and thanks to New Look Guide, you’ll find yours easily.

How Is Hair Transplant Performed On Afro Hair?

The clinics and hair transplant experts we take as partners have both knowledge and necessary experience to operate with Afro hair. These experts are familiar with hair loss patterns for the African / African-American patients and they come up with operation plans for ethnic hair restoration accordingly. 

Different Patterns Of Hair Loss

There are differences between male and female patterns of baldness. For males, baldness usually begins on the crown (highest area of the head) but a genetic baldness may not be the only reason to have a hair transplant operation.

There are other diseases that cause hair loss on the front line and partially on the sides. For female patients, chemical hair straighteners and too much tension on hair (constant braids or dreadlocks) come on the top of the list of causes of hair loss.

Therefore female patients tend to have hair loss on the front line, unlike male patients. None of these reasons form an obstacle for Afro hair transplant operations.

Which Method Is Better For Afro Hair Transplant?

The methods used for hair transplant vary from clinic to clinic, expert to expert. It’s up for the patient to decide which direction he/she likes to move forward with.

Usually, the hair grafts are extracted in the FUE method because each (curly) graft is delicate and doesn’t have the same length. In cases where FUE cannot be applied, the experts then go on with FUT. Either way, many patients with Afro hair left our partner clinics with a big smile. 

Afro Hair Transplant Fees

As New Look Guide, our goal is to find the best clinic & expert pair with the most affordable pricing for our patients. Having a hair transplant operation is much more affordable in Turkey compared to most places in the UK, Europe & the United States.

Afro hair transplant is no exception. The fees vary from £1500 to £3000. Some clinics include accommodation and airport transfers in their packages too.

New Look Guide will be the bridge between you & the clinic to make sure your experience goes smoothly and you’ll leave Turkey with a big smile and new hair.

Hair Transplant On Afro Hair Turkey Prices 2023

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