Breast lift operation is basically an aesthetic procedure in which breasts are moved up and reshaped. Breast lift, it can be done to give the breasts a better/fitter and a more feminine look.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

Breast sagging is a very common problem most women experience. It happens as a body naturally grows old but it might also be a symptom of other gynecologic problems. Breasts are prone to sagging when the blood flow around the area decreases.  

 How Is A Breast Lift Done?

During a breast lift operation, the breasts are leveled at the desired position and filled in to keep them stable. The position of the areola is planned before and the rest of the breast tissue is reshaped for the desired look. The whole procedure is done under general anesthesia in which patients do not feel any pain. 

Which Techniques Are Used In Breast Lift Operations?

There are three different techniques that most doctors choose to proceed with. The decision of which one of them will be used for the specific patient depends on the levels of breast sagging. For minimal saggings, the breasts are lifted with a small incision through the areola. Moderate breast sagging is treated with the “lollipop” technique. If a patient’s breasts need more reshaping then the Anchor / Inverted T method is used.

Who Can Have A Breast Lift?

If a patient’s breasts are sagging, the nipples are looking down and the skin is loose, then a breast lift can solve the problems. Also, patients that lose a lot of weight with gastric sleeve operations can also have a breast lift.

Preparing For Operation…

First of all, breast ultrasounds are taken for analysis. Patients should avoid blood thinner medications if they’re regularly taking them, alcohol, and smoking. Patients should take a shower the evening prior and not wear any makeup or jewelry.

Postoperative Recovery

It’s important to give the body the resting time it needs after a breast lift surgery. Bruises and swelling are expected after the operation. Patients should follow the doctor’s instructions carefully and take their prescribed medications. They can shower on the 4th day, sleep on their back for around a month and wait for the doctor’s approval for exercise.

Is Breastfeeding Possible After A Breast Lift?

Yes! During the breast lift operation, milk ducts are carefully protected so it’s possible to breastfeed after the operation.

Is It Possible For Breasts To Sag Again After The Operation?

One of the most asked questions about this procedure is if breasts can sag again in time. Generally, the breasts are “placed” a little higher than usual and will come into a natural look in time. If the patient gains & loses a lot of weight, the breasts may sag again.

Do Breast Lift Scars Go Away?

Patients will not have a permanent scar after a breast lift operation. If implants are added in during the operation, then there will be an incision scar (between 3-4 cm) which will remain under the breasts, therefore not visible.

How Old Do I Need To Be For A Breast Lift?

As breast lift is not just a cosmetic surgery and has an impact on the patient’s health, it should be discussed with an expert. Legally, any woman over the age of 18 can have this operation. Again, the timing should be a mutual decision between the patient and doctor, considering pregnancy and other possibilities in the future which will affect the body.

Will My Breast Size Change After The Operation?

A breast lift doesn’t change much about the size of the breasts but rather gives a youthful and firmer look. If a patient also wants to have bigger breasts, it’s possible to do a breast augmentation during the lifting procedure. So, the patient can have both fuller and larger breasts at the end.

How Long Should A Bra Wear After Breast Lift?

Wearing a bra after a breast lift operation helps with faster recovery and reduces swelling. It’s optimal to wear a bra for 3 weeks after the operation. 

Is There A Non-Surgical Option for Breast Lift?

The reason behind sagging is the loosening of the tissue. In this case, only a breast lift can bring the breasts back to a youthful and firmer look.

Is It Normal To Have Numbness After Breast Lift?

Yes, as the area is operated on, it’s possible to feel numb around and under the breasts. This is a temporary feeling that will go away around 6 weeks.

Breast Lift Turkey Prices 2022

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