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dental filling

Dental Filling

Dental Filling being one of the most common procedures, dental filling is basically placing dental material in the oral cavity. It is a prevention procedure to keep the teeth from decaying, infections and other dental diseases. People who have problems with the look or the function of their teeth can have dental fillings. If a …

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic procedure that is made to improve the look of one’s teeth. It’s a combination of various dental treatments like teeth whitening, stain removal and fixing each tooth’s shape & look in order to create the perfect hollywood smile. The name comes from Hollywood Actors & Actresses with perfectly shaped and …

tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is a rather unpleasant procedure to cure or prevent tooth decay. It has to be done by a dentist. Tooth extraction includes removing all parts of the tooth that gives the patient pain. Reasons Of Tooth Extraction There are many reasons for tooth extraction. This procedure can be done to help tooth pain, …