Dental veneers are one of the most common ways of coverage for the teeth to look better and straighter. They are basically thin porcelain layers. Most people choose to have dental veneers for brighter teeth and prettier smiles without losing any of their original teeth. A better smile gives a huge confidence boost, therefore it’s a highly frequent procedure most dentists can easily apply.

How Are Laminate Veneers Applied?

This procedure has a few steps: First, the measurements of the teeth are taken, individually. It totally depends on each patient and each tooth’s current situation to determine how many veneers a patient deed. The porcelain veneers are prepared as thin layers. Then the tooth’s surface is slightly thinned and cleaned. This is to prepare a better fit for the coming veneers. Then, at last, the laminate veneers are placed in.

What Is The Purpose of Laminate Veneers?

There are various reasons why laminate veneers are applied. It can be done both to protect & improve dental health and also to create a better smile. Also, in some cases, laminate veneers are applied to teeth that are in a critical state to protect them. These teeth might be broken, have genetic distortions, lose their strength, or be worn out. Dentists may suggest veneers for any of these reasons.

Who Can Have Laminate Veneers?

Laminate veneers are often chosen by patients that have too much gap between their teeth or if some of them are bent/crooked. Also, it might be advised to patients who are already having orthodontic treatment as an additional supportive treatment. Patients who consume a lot of tea and coffee or smoke also prefer to have laminate veneers.

3 Things To Know About Laminate Veneers Aftercare

  • Patients should carefully listen to the dentist’s instructions.
  • If a patient is prone to teeth clenching, the dentist might ask to use night plaque.
  • Teeth should be regularly brushed, flossed, and cleaned.

Advantages of Laminate Veneers

  • It’s an opportunity to treat the teeth without damaging the original structure.
  • It’s beneficial for removing the stains related to tea, coffee, and smoking.
  • It’s possible to apply veneers to a single tooth, a few teeth, or all of them.
  • After the procedure, the teeth will have a natural white tint and a natural straight look.
  • The medical glue used for the application of veneers has a very high quality, lowering the chances of falling out.
  • Dental veneers are made of long-lasting high-quality porcelain.

Can Veneers Break or Fall Out?

Dental Veneers

If it’s applied by an expert with proper equipment, laminate veneers will not fall out. Periodic check-ups will also ensure the stability of the veneers. A while ago, people were often doubting this procedure because teeth could fall out. However, with the new technology and quality equipment, this is no longer an issue.

Am I Eligible For Laminate Veneers?

This is only possible to know after a consultation with a dentist. During this consultation, patients will be asked what they are expecting from laminate veneers. If agreed, the X-rays and dental analysis will be made to give the patient an idea of what the teeth will look like after the application. 

What Is The Lifespan Of Laminate Veneers?

This is solely up to the patient. If a patient takes the dentist’s instructions into consideration and looks after the teeth the lifespan of the veneers can go up to 15 years.

Why Do Veneers Break?

This can be related to endodontics, a secondary layer of decay, or the main supporter of the veneer. 

Dental Veneer Turkey Prices 2022

One of the most commonly asked questions about dental veneers is the cost. This definitely depends on how many teeth need such as veneers, the dentist, and the clinic. The equipment quality also plays a role in determining the price. For an accurate quotation, it is best to consult a dentist.

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